I am a Professor in the Departments of Communication and Political Science at the University of California, Los Angeles. My research focuses on political communication, political psychology, and the relationships between public policy, public opinion, and mass media. I have been particularly interested in negativity (and positivity) in news coverage, and the role of mass media in representative democracy. This site includes descriptions of these ongoing Projects, published Research, my Lab & Teaching, Data, and links to recent News & Blogs about my work.

Curriculum Vitae | Google Scholar Profile | @s_soroka

Professor, Department of Communication, UCLA | Professor (by courtesy), Department of Political Science, UCLA | Member, UCLA Communication and Politics Group | Series Editor, Cambridge Elements in Politics and Communication | Associate Member, Center for the Study of Democratic Citizenship

Quick links to some recent work:
Information and Democracy: Public Policy in the News
The Increasing Viability of Good News
Political Sorting in U.S. Entertainment Media
Cued by Culture: Political Imagery and Partisan Evaluations
The Political Phenotype of the Disgust Sensitive
Migrants, Caravans, and the Impact of News Photos on Immigration Attitudes
Freedom of the Press and Public Responsiveness