Preparing a new course syllabus? Here are some suggestions for Race & Media Research for Course Syllabi.

Online Teaching

Here are a few brief YouTube lectures, recorded in 2020, that may be of interest to students of political communication and behavior.

Negativity in News Content
Mass Media and Electoral Preferences
It’s Change in the Future Economy, Stupid (on the nature of economic news coverage)

Current & Recent Courses

  • Affect and Emotion in Political Communication, UCLA
  • Entertainment and Politics, UCLA
  • The Biology of Communication (graduate), University of Michigan
  • Methods for Research on Mass Media, (graduate) University of Michigan
  • Media and Democracy, University of Michigan
  • Communication and Political Representation, University of Michigan
  • Short Course: Content Analysis in the Social Sciences: From Manual to Automated Approaches, University of Vienna & UT Austin
  • Short Course: Psychophysiological Experiments in Political Communication, McGill Univeristy
  • Evaluating Information and Analyzing Media I, University of Michigan
  • Advanced Statistical Methods (graduate), McGill University
  • Media and Politics, McGill University
  • Public Opinion and Public Policy,¬†Oslo Summer School in Comparative Social Science Studies¬†2012, University of Oslo
  • Honours Seminar: Political Representation in Canada, McGill University
  • Modern Political Analysis (graduate), McGill University
  • Contemporary Politics in Western Europe, McGill University