It is incumbent on scholars of political communication to better represent issues of race, representation, diversity and prejudice in our syllabi.  This already happens in courses that focus on these issues; but it can also happen by incorporating this research into more general courses. A survey class in political communication, or media effects, or media psychology, or mobile technology, or social science methods — all of these classes can highlight long-standing and highly salient literatures on race, representation, diversity and prejudice. 

As of summer 2020 many of us are revising syllabi for the fall term. In order to make it easy to better represent issues related to race, we have put together a list of some of our favorite readings on a few of the major themes in political communication classes. We focus here on (a) social-scientific research in communication that deals with (b) issues of race in the US and that (c) can fit easily in undergraduate courses on broader themes in communication.

With these objectives in mind, our preliminary list of syllabus-ready readings follows, organized by theme. We divide readings into News Media, Entertainment Media and Social Media, and cover Content and then Effects for each. Our suggestions represent just a small selection of the excellent work in these areas, of course. If you would like to contribute to this list, you should! Click HERE to enter your citations in a Google form. (Please don’t hesitate to highlight your own relevant work.) The spreadsheet of additional readings at the bottom of this page is updated automatically with your suggestions.

We hope these lists are useful as you develop your syllabi. Sincerely, (first draft contributors) Sarah Bachleda Fiorini, Sydney Carr, Stewart Coles, Dan Hiaeshutter-Rice, Guadalupe Madrigal, Gavin Ploger, Muniba Saleem and Stuart Soroka. (Last update: June 11 2020.)

Suggested Readings

Race & News Media: Content

Race & News Media: Effects

Race & Entertainment Media: Content

Race & Entertainment Media: Effects

Race & Social Media: Content

Race & Social Media: Effects

Additional Readings

Need more readings? The list of user-submitted readings is below. Got readings? You can add to this list HERE. And you can see the list as a spreadsheet (not embedded on this page) HERE.