Political Communication & Behavior Lab

The PCB Lab is focused on the intersection between political communication and political behavior. We study the nature of news and social media, and the effects that media have on our political decision-making. We rely on a range of social-scientific methods including surveys, automated content analysis, and psychophysiological studies. Recent work from lab members has examined platform-based differences in both sentiment and campaign communication, cognitive dissonance and selective exposure, valence-based biases in news consumption, and news coverage of political figures and policies.

PCB Lab members include current and past graduate students at the University of Michigan:

Here are some recent and ongoing projects involving lab members:

I did not have a lab group while I was in the Department of Political Science at McGill University but I did have some terrific students, now doing excellent work all over the place: check out Kelly Blidook, Blake Andrew, Marc André Bodet, Andrea Lawlor, and Anthony Kevins.